Two Infinities

Tue, 19 Apr 2005


A man I often see when I go running was out mowing his lawn today. I stopped and inquired about his leg which was encased in a splint. He had broken his ankle in February, slipping on ice when out for his daily walk. He told me his name was Larry (Super Nat) N, and being 65 years old he felt lucky he had not broken his hip.

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Pharma & Altruism

Yesterday's Lex column in the Financial Times contained some honest (I thought) anaylis that it seems would be of some benefit to propagate. The article requires a subscription to read (hence no link here), but let me paraphrase.

Big pharma has acted in its own best commercial interests, perhaps, but not ethically. The industry contrives to extract every possible penny from U.S. consumers and yet does little to develop or provide medicines to poorer countries. It compromises doctors through funding of trials, research and conferences (not to mention perquisites provided by salesmen).

It would be nice to think John Kay, in today's FT, is correct to say that the homo sapiens is more altruistic than the homo economicus.

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