Two Infinities

Mon, 25 Apr 2005


As I was beginning the half-marathon at Pinckney Sunday, I overheard a conversation between two men as they ran past me. One said that his high-school running coach had maintained if runners followed his principles, they would still be running in their 50's. And there he was, 52 years old starting out on his 135th marathon. (He has run the Boston Marathon 11 times.)

He was starting this marathon 40 minutes late because of the weather. (The marathon started before the half-marathon.) In fact, we were in the midst of a "winter storm", and there had been enough snow during the night to make the roads slippery. The marathoner running past me explained to his companion that he had skidded off the road and had had to wait for a tow truck to pull him out of the ditch before he could continue along to Pinckney.

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