Two Infinities

Thu, 26 Jan 2006

Rep. McCotter speaks to Garden City Kiwanians and Rotarians.

Today I attended a Kiwanis Club meeting in Garden City, Michigan. The speaker was Thad McCotter, U.S. Representive from the area. I might have mentioned earlier how Representive John Dingell gave an interview to KiwaniTalk last December. Where Mr. Dingell seemed the voice of reason itself, Mr. McCotter seemed rather the voice of blind ideology. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Among a number of rather startling pronouncements, Mr. McCotter held that

Yet outside ideology, Mr McCotter seemed affable enough, often cracking self-effacing jokes. No political glad handing though; I didn't see him shake hands with anyone, and he marched out of the restaurant speaking only to his assistant and looking at no one or thing except the television in the entry way.

So all this gets me thinking about unstable systems, though. Why does the difference between Mr. Dingell and Mr. McCotter seem so much more extreme than would represent the differences among the populations of the two suburban, contiguous congressional districts?

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