Two Infinities

Tue, 07 Feb 2006

The Superbowl's best moment
My favorite Superbowl moment was Mick Jagger pausing to say they could have perfromed for Superbowl I--all things come to those who wait!

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What is it with Hillary?
Iraq is a mess, but high oil prices are enriching all sorts of unsavory regimes. Iran is going nuclear as North Korea already has. The budget deficit will beggar our children while our carbon emissions will make this wonderful earth less hospitable to them. Our manufacturing base is eroding.

But still I'm hearing derogatory jokes about Hillary Clinton. Why is that? Is it really true we are puppets on strings, so easily distracted?

Having put the spotlight on Hillary, just what is so horrible about her? She stood by Bill in his hour of shame. Her one effort of note while first lady was to promote health care reform. Would such reform really have been so bad? Have the Republicans and insurance companies since improved the efficiency or efficacy of our health care?

Not only are these people insulting Hillary; they're insulting our intelligence.

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