Two Infinities

Sun, 01 Jul 2007

Texas tee in Hispaniola
A couple years ago, I mentioned The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy and how Texas-style cotton farming extended past the Llano Estacado into the Pecos Valley where I grew up. This year I caught a glimpse of the end of the tee-shirt life cycle described in Pietra Rivoli's book.

My son is studying at the University of Miami medical school. For his spring break this year, he went to the Dominican Republic to help out in clinics and learn. He has described some of his experiences there in his on blog, Here is one of the pictures he brought back
Dominican child in Texas tee-shirt
Rivoli describes how the tee-shirts that Americans discard get bundled up and shipped to Africa and sold in small stands there. But of course there are many destinations for America's used clothing and the young medical student pictured seems amused with this small incongruity.

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Addendum and second thoughts on photographing olive green
When I first looked at the difference between actual and theoretical values of red in the "moderate brown" square of my color checker, I just assumed that the 18/256 difference was perceptible. I should record that difference:

The problem is that on my consumer grade CRT monitor, the actual recorded value appears closer to the card in my hand illuminated either by indirect sunlight or by the Solux halogen light in my study.

Maybe my card is off? Maybe the reflectivity of the fabric under my static light sources is somehow missed by the camera in flash lighting? And I am mistaking some other difference for color difference?

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