Two Infinities

Thu, 13 Jan 2011

Measuring Webbing
A problem we have needed to solve in our webbing distribution business has been to find an economical and relatively fast method to measure out and cut given lengths of fabric. This method should be designed to minimize repetitive stress on the hands and arms of the operator.

A first shot is pictured in the table below:
webbing work table
The table surface is a plastic laminate counter top on sale at Home Depot for $4.13, one piece of which was cut out and set into the inexpensive lazy susan on the left. The turntable on the right is constructed from a lazy susan frame with skid pads and a round piece of plywood attached. Stealing a page from Dobsonian telescope instructions, the plywood is topped off with Bing Crosby Christmas carol LP, a recessed hex screw bolted down in the center. A measuring meter is set in the center with angle iron, tape gun rollers and U-bolts for guides. A melt cutter is on the right.

To cut a 30 foot roll from a larger roll, we mount the source on the large lazy susan and thread the webbing though the meter. Then we reset the meter and squeeze the lead between the driver bit and a post on the LP. Squeaze the variable speed driver and away we go.
winding webbing
webbing meter

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